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Guatemala , Wednesday 24 April 2019

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: San Antonio Suchitepequez, Guatemala

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Publicated on: hursday 11 April 2019

This is the latest reading for this area. Values of 11 or more are very rare in Canada. However, the UV Index can reach 14 or more in the tropics and southern U.S. Take full precautions. Unprotected ...

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: Mayor Gunned Down in Guatemala

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Publicated on: Wednesday 17 April 2019

San Gabriel lies in an area of cattle ranches in the province of Suchitepequez, 170 kilometers (106 miles) southwest of Guatemala City. Lopez, 43, was elected mayor in September 2011 on the ticket of ...

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Mexico near Guatemala border

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Publicated on: Friday 01 February 2019

The earthquake could be felt hundreds of miles away in Mexico City to the north, and into Guatemala and San Salvador to the south, the USGS said. So far, damage has been reported at a church in ...

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: Guatemalan journalist, radio worker found dead in cane field

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Publicated on: hursday 31 January 2019

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — A newspaper journalist and a radio station worker were found dead in a cane field Thursday with gunshot wounds to their heads in the southwestern department of Suchitepequez. A ...

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: The Other Americans: Children’s Deaths Devastate Guatemalan Families, but the Migration Continues

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Publicated on: Saturday 29 December 2018

Pop’s son paid 98,000 Quetzales, or about $13,000 U.S. dollars, to a coyote to smuggle him through Mexico from the city of Mazatenango, Suchitepequez, Guatemala. Pop said his son was offered a lower ...

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: Guatemala travel guide

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Publicated on: Sunday 28 October 2018

Guatemala humbly has it all ... We’re not able to provide tailored advice for specific trips. The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media ...

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: Santa Bárbara, Guatemala

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Publicated on: Sunday 07 April 2019

This is the latest reading for this area. Take precautions - cover up, wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen especially if you will be outside for 30 minutes or more Look for shade near midday when the ...

News Guatemala » Suchitepequez: Renewable energy and the fight over Guatemalan rivers

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Publicated on: hursday 06 September 2018

One morning last year, Santiago (not his real name), a campesino (peasant farmer) who grows corn and mangoes in southwestern Guatemala, left his home with a plan to engage in industrial sabotage. ...