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Guatemala , Wednesday 24 April 2019

News Guatemala » San Marcos: Innovative Models At Origin: Can Selling Coffee In Cherry Be Profitable?

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Publicated on: Wednesday 17 April 2019

CRS has been operating a project in the low (600 meters) to mid (1,100 meters) altitudes of the coffee growing region of San Marcos, Guatemala, for several years. The project originally started as a ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: The booming business for smuggling people to the US: 'Everyone wins'

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Publicated on: Sunday 07 April 2019

Migration to the US from Guatemala and neighboring Honduras has risen to its ... departments where most Guatemalan migrants are from – Quiché, Huehuetenango and San Marcos – smugglers’ family rates ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: 27 Peasants Killed or Missing During 'Black September' : San Marcos Province--Guatemala's Killing Ground

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Publicated on: onday 25 March 2019

Shaking and short of breath, Milhen Chavez explains he has just been tailed by unidentified men in a blue car with darkly tinted windows. They followed the human rights worker home, waited outside for ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

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Publicated on: onday 08 April 2019

This is the latest reading for this area. Values of 11 or more are very rare in Canada. However, the UV Index can reach 14 or more in the tropics and southern U.S. Take full precautions. Unprotected ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: Five must-visit regions of Guatemala: from idyllic Chichicastenango to ancient Antigua

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Publicated on: uesday 12 March 2019

chill with some yoga in San Marcos, or do some birdwatching in one of the best places in the world for it. Be sure to keep an eye out for the legendary quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala. One of ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: Guatemalan president: 39 dead in 7.4 magnitude quake.

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Publicated on: onday 25 February 2019

and it would take at least 24 hours to reestablish transport links to San Marcos, the capital of the department or state of the same name located along Guatemala's northwest border with Mexico. A ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: Guatemala: Population Movement (MDRGT014) - DREF Operations Update n° 1

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Publicated on: Friday 18 January 2019

This joint initiative called "Plan Retorno Seguro" (Safe Return Plan), implemented on 20 October 2018, transported approximately 1,279 beneficiaries back to Honduras, especially from San Marcos ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: Guatemala Communities Clash Over Opium Crops Allegedly Tied to Mexico Cartels

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Publicated on: onday 15 May 2017

Guatemala’s government declared a “state of siege” on May 11 in the Ixchiguán and Tajumulco municipalities of the San Marcos department near the border with Mexico, after an outbreak of violence ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: Guatemala earthquake leaves five dead

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Publicated on: Wednesday 14 June 2017

At least five people have been killed in a 6.9-magnitude earthquake that struck in western Guatemala near the border with Mexico, according to Guatemalan authorities. Wednesday's deaths included a ...

News Guatemala » San Marcos: For authentic Mexican tacos and Guatemalan entrees, Norwood's Taqueria San Marcos is the place

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Publicated on: hursday 18 May 2017

named after the city of San Marcos in Guatemala. The restaurant still feels like the retro diner it was in previous life. Five booths are clad in red vinyl. Red stools sit around a curved counter. The ...